Terms & Conditions for Packages
Confirming a Tour Booking with us and/or purchasing a tour package from us is considered as you have read, understood, agreed and accepted below indicated ‘Terms and Conditions’:



“we” “us” “our” “ours” or “us” refer to AUSTIN HOLIDAYS exclusive partner of CELINK AUSTRALIA PTY LTD(ABN: 52 600 731 191)  its directors, employees, contractors, consultants, personnel, local & overseas associates & agents, service providers, suppliers, affiliates, principals and sub-contractors of Celink Australia Pty Ltd.

“tour package” or “tour packages” refer to tour arrangements (hotel accommodation and/or meal plans & food, and/or transport package/s and/or other elements related to a tour) which we offer to you. Tour arrangements of each tour package is fully described in the Final tour itinerary given to you for each tour.

“you” or “your” refer to a person, persons or a business or a company who: (i) make a booking with us for our tour package/packages and/or (ii) purchasing our tour package and/or (iii) travelling on our tour package. In the event, a business or a company makes a booking with us (for the purpose of reselling our packages to its customers), then the said business or the company and its customers traveling on our tour package/s are referred as “you” or “yours”.  For children/child under 18 years of age, term “you” or “yours” refers to the children/child as well as children’s/child’s parents or legal guardian accompanying the children/child in the tour.

“final tour itinerary” refer to our finalized and detailed tour plan/itinerary provided to you. Final tour itinerary contains details related to accommodation, transfers, destinations, Final Tour Price, tour price inclusions, exclusions and important notes related to the tour.

“legal guardian” refer to a primary caretaker of a child under 18 years of age. Legal guardian must be nominated or appointed by the court.

“destination” refer to the county where the tour package/s take place.
“total tour price” is the total amount due from you, for a tour package which is explained in Final tour itinerary.
“tour period” refer to the time period of the tour package
“tour start date” refers to the 1st day of the tour package, according to the final tour itinerary
“due date” refers to the date when or before the Total tour price to be paid to us
“cancellation fee” refer to a charge which will be charged from the you, to recover/reimburse costs incurred by us due to a cancelled booking. Cancellation fee is indicated in section 1.iv
“refund’ refer to monies we return you for a paid tour package booking, which cancelled later. Refund amounts will be determined by the guideline to calculate applicable refund is indicated section 1.iv.
Any refunds for tour cancellations with partial payments will also be calculated based on guidelines indicated in 1.iv


Scope of our Tour package: Our services under this tour package are strictly limited to the Final tour itinerary associated with each tour package. Final tour itinerary clearly indicates services/tour provisions which are included in the tour package.  Austin Holidays and Celink Australia Pty Ltd  only promote tour Packages of our overseas associates, suppliers, partners, and principals.
Our Pricing Policy:
Tour package prices are subject to taxes and surcharges applicable/imposed in Australia and destinations unless otherwise indicated in the Final tour itinerary Price.

  To book and confirm our tour package, you have to pay the total tour price on due date. For some tours, we will request 50% of                       the total tour price to be paid as a deposited/initial payment.

Our Total tour price only covers services which are mentioned in the ‘Cost Inclusions’ section of the Final tour itinerary.

Any changes to the itinerary and/or change of tour dates will incur additional charges to you.

Prices of our tour packages may subject to increase at any time due to factors beyond our control. In the event of a price increase, you must pay the increased price to us.

We are not liable for any bank or credit card charges or remittance charges which you incur when you pay your payments to us. We will charge you a surcharge to recover credit / debit card costs incurred by us due to your card payments.

g.  Hotels providing accommodation will be indicated in our Final tour itinerary or notified to you in writing. It is your responsibility to check and verify whether mentioned hotels satisfy your requirements. No refund or compensation will be made for any dissatisfaction whatsoever. Any changes to hotels should be notified before the tour confirmation and section 1.iii applies for such changes. After or during the tour, we will not make any refunds due to the fact that you are not satisfied with hotels or their services.

iii. Changes to your Booking

Once a booking is confirmed, changes which we could practically accommodate will be accepted. All changes will incur additional costs, which will be added to the tour package costs

iv. Our Booking Cancellation Policy

All booking cancellations should be notified in writing to us. This notice will be referred as “cancellation notice”. A cancellation fee of USD $ 100 per each cancellation will be deducted from the refund. Following guideline will apply to determine the refund amount:

Cancellation notice received by us prior to 61 days to the tour start date: 75% of the paid amount
Cancellation notice received by us between 60 - 32 days to the tour start date: 50% of the paid amount
Cancellation notice received by us between 31 - 15 days to the tour start date: 30% of the paid amount
Cancellation notice received by us between 14 - 08 days to the tour start date: 10/% of the paid amount
Cancellation notice received by us between 07 days to the tour start date: 0% of the paid amount If costs (such as exchange losses, bank charges etc.) incurred by us exceed the cancellation fee, then we reserve the right to deduct all such actual costs from the refund, before returning the balance refund amount to you. We are not liable for any rate of exchange losses, bank charges or any other losses & charges incurred by you due to your booking cancellation.

v. Change of Itinerary: Due to conditions which are beyond our control or due to force majeure conditions (civil unrest, riots, extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, war, acts of god, protests, industrial actions, etc.) or risks to your safety and health, we reserve the right to do changes to your Final tour itinerary without any notice. Minor changes may include change of routes or omission of itinerary locations. Significant changes include cancellation of part or whole itinerary/tour arrangement. In the event of Change of Itinerary, we are not liable to pay any compensation or damages to you.

vi. Children/child under 18 years of age: Children/child under 18 years old should always accompany their parents or legal guardian during the entire tour. Only legal guardian or parent of the children/child must make the tour booking with us for the children/child, and jointly (legal guardian or parent makes the booking and the children/child) responsible for compliance to this Terms and Conditions. Health and Safety of children/child participating in our tour packages solely with their parents or legal guardian accompanying them.

vii. Right to refuse Bookings: We have the right to refuse accepting your booking if we believe your booking will violate the terms and conditions contained herein or may initiate a risk to health & safety or any operational reasons.

viii. Personal belongings: You are solely responsible for all your personal, emergency & medical expenses including medical & hospitalisation, expatriation, loss of luggage & valuables, transport, accommodation & food, flight delays, and other expenses. We are not responsible for loss of your valuables & monies during your tour with us. You must obtain a comprehensive, valid and current Travel Insurance to cover your personal, emergency & medical expenses and your loss of your valuables & monies.

ix. Activities during the tour package: We are not responsible for any activities and events undertaken by you, during the tour package.

x. Our Pricing Errors: Whilst we make all possible efforts and attempts to maintain the accuracy of our total tour prices, pricing errors may occur. When we become aware of any such errors, we will notify you immediately with revised total tour price for your selected tour package. Upon receiving such notice, you have the choice of continue with the tour package at the revised/corrected total tour price or choose a different tour package or to cancel the tour package. We reserve the right to cancel the booking if you do not wish to accept the revised total tour price.

xi. Child Rates: unless otherwise specifically indicated in the quotation or estimate, our standard Child Rates are: Up to 3 years of age: free of charge (sharing parents bed). Age from 3 to 12 year : sharing parents’ bed and subject to 75 % of the full adults’ rates. Age over 12 Years: will be sharing Parents room and subject to 100% full adults’ rate. Age is calculated at the tour start date.


By booking our tour package, you confirm and undertake that you have thoroughly assessed and evaluated the Final tour itinerary for all risks and hazardsthat affect your Health and Medical Fitness. Further, if you are suffering from any pre-existing illnesses, ailments and/or injuries, you confirm and assure us that you have consulted your Doctor / General Practitioner (GP) and received Medical Clearance and approval to participate in the Tour Package. You undertake to defend us, indemnify us and hold us harmless for losses, liabilities, claims, fines, actions, demands, allegations, damages, or other costs, (including third party & attorney fees) arising due to your injuries, illnesses and/or death caused by your unhealthiness and/or Medical unfitness to participate in our tour package.


One of our Tour Booking Conditions is you to obtain and maintain a         
comprehensive, suitable and valid ‘Travel Insurance’ during the tour period. You must obtain and maintain a fully comprehensive, sufficient, suitable and valid Travel Insurance to cover you. This Travel Insurance should be obtained by you, before commencing the tour package. By confirming a booking to a tour package with us, you confirm & ensure us that you will obtain a comprehensive, suitable, current, sufficient and valid Travel Insurance before commencing the tour. This Travel Insurance should fully cover your travel-related emergencies and medical incidents. We have the right to ask a copy of your travel insurance to confirm your booking. We do not sell Travel Insurances.


You must be in possession of a valid and current passport during your tour.
Countries to where we operate tours require a valid visa to enter. It is your responsibility to pay, apply and obtain a relevant, valid and sufficient Visas to enter these countries, before commencing our tours.


To the extent permitted by law We disclaim all liabilities, charges, costs and claims, losses (including consequential losses) arising from, in connection with or as a direct or indirect result of:
• disruptions, reschedules or cancellations of your tour arrangements due to force majeure or factors beyond our control
• delays or mis-connection of flights
• loss of your valuables, monies & possessions
• your injuries, illnesses or death
• accuracy of information (verbal or written) provided by us We do not provide any kind of expressed or implied warranties or guarantees.


To the extent permitted by law You agree and undertake to defend us, indemnify us and hold us harmless against all losses (including consequential losses), liabilities, claims, fines, actions, demands, allegations, damages, or other costs, (including third party & attorney fees) arising from, in connection with or as a direct or indirect result of :
• your breach of terms and conditions indicated herein or your violation of any laws or rights of any third party
• loss of your valuables, monies and possessions, or any disruption, cancellation or rescheduling of your travel, tour and accommodation arrangements
• acts, omissions, defaults or negligence of ours
• disruptions, delays, reschedules or cancellations of your tour arrangements due to force majeure or factors beyond our control.
In an event of an illness, injury or death, you agree to indemnify us, defend us and hold us harmless for all liabilities, damages, losses claims and other costs.
Despite the limitation above, if we are found liable for any loss or damage, then our total combined liability for all claims must not exceed AUD 500 (Five Hundred Australian Dollars only). Such claims are not valid unless it is not brought to our attention in writing within 30 days of the incident date.

These terms and conditions are subject to the Laws of WA,
     Victoria and submit to jurisdiction of the courts of Western Australia or Victoria.


AUSTIN HOLIDAYS PARTNER FOR CELINK AUSTRALIA PTY LTD has the right to change, modify and revise this Terms and Conditions at any time, without notice. Please contact AUSTIN HOLIDAYS for the correct applicable version of the current Terms and Conditions or visit the website www.austinholidays.com and access the weblink ‘Terms and Conditions’ For any clarifications related to this Terms and Conditions, please contact: The Authorized Person,  AUSTIN HOLIDAYS, Email: info@austinholidays.com Phone : +61 470038884 Mail: 28A, Mandora way, Riverton, WA. 6148,
Email : info@austinholidays.com         Phone: +61470038884
"The scenery, people and guide pray the safaris were wonderful, informative and exciting. Especially seeing so many elephants up so close .The children at the school so lovely, overall a great experience. This was our first trip with Austin Holiday and hopefully not our last"

Benny Tang - March 2017

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